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Name: Gina

Aliases:- Gina Machina, G, Gina Marie

Place of Birth: 37°1521"N 83° 11'37" W The Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky

Race: Japanese-American Sansei (3rd Generation)

Abilities: Unicorn whisperer, proficient recycler, she also has the power to smack whatever you are holding to the ground without hesitation, Shoot the middle finger for no apparent reason and sneak into a room unnoticed only to scare the shit out of you.

Experience: Gina established her career in the Tattoo industry at Studio 2 /Old Town Tattoo in Kissimmee Florida in 2007. After a year of grunt work she earned her apprenticeship under Tiffany Klinger with the help of Uncle Buck Parks. In 2011 Gina was offered to take over control of Studio 2 with Business Partner/fellow artist Berol. Together they have restored the shop and renamed it Copper Fox Tattoo Company. Still but a padawon in this industry she is driven to learn anything and everything about her craft and hopes to continue to transcend into a master artist.

Skills: Neo Traditional, Full color, Animated characters, portraits (Novice) , Horror inspired

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